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  •  Cllr Acton

    Cllr Acton

  • Cllr . Allen

    Cllr . Allen

  •  Cllr Avon

    Cllr Avon

  •  Cllr Lisa Blakemore

    Cllr Lisa Blakemore

  •  Cllr Jane Boulton

    Cllr Jane Boulton

  •  Cllr Mark Boyle

    Cllr Mark Boyle

  •  Cllr Peter Buckwell

    Cllr Peter Buckwell

  •  Cllr Margaret  Buter

    Cllr Margaret Buter

  •  Cllr Jonathan Cardy

    Cllr Jonathan Cardy

  •  Cllr Susan Chappell

    Cllr Susan Chappell

  •  Cllr Jennifer Churchill

    Cllr Jennifer Churchill

  •  Cllr Coombs

    Cllr Coombs

  •  Cllr Alexander Ehmann

    Cllr Alexander Ehmann

  •  Cllr Martin Elengorn

    Cllr Martin Elengorn

  •  Cllr Gareth Evans

    Cllr Gareth Evans

  •  Cllr Pamela Fleming

    Cllr Pamela Fleming

  •  Cllr Penelope Frost

    Cllr Penelope Frost

  • Mr Public Gallery

  •  Cllr Annie Hambidge

    Cllr Annie Hambidge

  •  Cllr Grant Healy

    Cllr Grant Healy

  •  Cllr Helen Hill

    Cllr Helen Hill

  •  Cllr Paul Hodgins

    Cllr Paul Hodgins

  • Cllr Liz Jaeger

    Cllr Liz Jaeger

  •  Cllr Ben Khosa

    Cllr Ben Khosa

  •  Cllr Stephen Knight

    Cllr Stephen Knight

  •  Cllr David Linnette

    Cllr David Linnette

  • Cllr Geraldine  Locke

    Cllr Geraldine Locke

  •  Cllr Jean Loveland

    Cllr Jean Loveland

  •  Cllr David Marlow

    Cllr David Marlow

  •  Cllr Suzette Nicholson

    Cllr Suzette Nicholson

  • Cllr Rita Palmer

    Cllr Rita Palmer

  •  Cllr David Porter

    Cllr David Porter

  •  Cllr Roberts

    Cllr Roberts

  •  Cllr Petra Sale

    Cllr Petra Sale

  •  Cllr Martin Seymour

    Cllr Martin Seymour

  •  Cllr Stephen  Speak

    Cllr Stephen Speak

  •  Cllr  Tippett

    Cllr Tippett